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Course details of EE5343W
Course NoEE5343W
Course TitleSolar Cell Device Physics and Materials Technology
Course ContentMotivation (Energy), Limits (Efficiency), Electrical conductivity, Optical properties of semiconductors, Recombination dynamics, Transport equation, Application of transport equations, Photocurrent in p-n junctions, Solar cell configurations, Efficiencies (solar cell parameters) and spectral response, Losses in solar cells, Equivalent circuits, Measurement techniquesCrystalline Si solar cells, Heterojunctions-interfaces and cells, GaAs/AlGaAs solar cells, InP/CdS solar cells, Polycrystalline solar cells, Growth and fabrication techniques, 3rd generation solar cells-technology, ideas, designsBalance of Systems (Inverters), Lab Visit and hands on experience (CEC)
Course Offered this semesterNo
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