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Course details of EE6331
Course NoEE6331
Course TitleEmbedded Memory Design
Course ContentContents:SRAM: Memory hierarchyMemory organizationFlip flop6T SRAM basics6T SRAM cellStatic/ Read and Write noise marginsRead/ Write/ Hold and Access failuresColumn interleavingAlternative Cell TypesImpact of VariationRedundancyModes of failureAssist CircuitsBTI StressMemory TestingPowerVariation characterizationeDRAM:Basics of DRAMDefinition of EmbeddedRequirement for short BLs in DRAMsTransfer ratioRetention time/ Refresh rate analysisPower supplies required for eDRAMAdvantages of eDRAM over eSRAMWrite time calculationHierarchical sensing3T Micro Sense AmpMicro Sense Amp EvolutionRead time calculationSOI Technology - Floating body effects on eDRAMGated Feedback Sense AmplifierVariability studyThick Oxide Word-line driversThin Oxide Word-line driversRedundancy and TestingNon Volatile MemoriesCharge Trap Transistor
Course Offered this semesterYes
Faculty NameDr. Janakiraman