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Course NoID4200
Course TitleCreative Engineering Project II
Course ContentThis course will encompass all aspects of learning leading to, but not limited to, prototyping, developing innovative solutions to identified problems and exhibiting an understanding of the working of such solutions. The proposed mechanism of interaction between the faculty and students is as follows: A faculty member can propose a student project outlining the motivation, objectives, expectations of student time commitment and deliverables. A document with this content may be developed in collaboration with the students and shall act as a memorandum for the course. The students are expected to work in a self-motivated and self-monitored mode. However, they are encouraged to interact periodically with the faculty mentor and discuss progress documented in the form of periodic reports. The Advisor, co-curricular affairs shall be designated the course co-ordinator. The Advisor along with the faculty mentor will meet with the students at least twice during the course of the semester to assess progress. The Advisor, co-curricular will ensure that the Center for Innovation space and resources are available to the students and faculty should they choose to use the same. The faculty mentor shall assign a letter grade upon completion of the project based on a rubric that was agreed upon at the start of the semester. The students may work in teams but the role and contribution of each of the team members shall be clearly outlined in all reports submitted to the extent that such progress may be assessed for individual letter grade. At the end of the project, all students are expected to turn in a final report containing the complete details of the project for archival purpose. All project reports may be archived at in a keyword searchable format for future students’ use.While delivering project goals is important, the overarching objective of this course is to ensure that the students benefit technologically and realize the importance of planning, discipline and professionalism in the creative engineering process. This shall form the guiding principle for awarding letter grades.
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