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Course NoEE6325
Course TitleAdvanced Power Management Systems
Course ContentUnit-1: Battery Charger and Management SystemBattery types – Li-ion, Li-polymer, NiMh, NiCd, lead acid, battery profiles and electrical models, battery capacity, battery ID resistor, Linear Vs Switched mode chargers, charging modes-trickle charging, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, fast charging, pulse charging, wireless charging, battery insertion/removal detection, under-voltage (UV) and over-voltage (OV) detection, end of charge (EoC) estimation, battery ESR estimation, battery open circuit voltage (OCV), battery state of charge (SoC), coulomb counting, voltage and current measurement, temperature measurement, voltage mode fuel gauge, estimation of battery time constant.Unit-2: Energy Harvesting for IoTApplications of energy harvesting (wearables, remote sensing, biomedical, structural health monitoring, wireless charging), energy sources (RF, solar, thermal, mechanical), PV cells, thermoelectric generator, piezo vibrator, maximum power point tracking, low power AC-DC converter, capacitive charge-pump, design of ultra low power controller for dc-dc converters, low power LDOs and voltage/current reference circuits, burst mode/duty cycling for low power operation.Unit-3: High Performance DC-DC ConvertersEnvelope tracking power supplies, ripple cancellation/reduction techniques, EMI reduction techniques (spread spectrum, frequency hopping), hybrid linear and switching regulators, multi-phase switching converters, converters with coupled inductors, auto-tunable dc-dc converters, fixed frequency hysteretic converters.Unit-4: Power Management for Lighting and Display ApplicationsTypes of LEDs, LED characteristics and electrical model, LED drivers and applications, LED drivers for camera flash, LCD power supplies, AMOLED display supplies, LED drivers for display backlight, effect of LED mismatch on display, flickering, LED drivers for home lighting, RGB LED drivers, analog and digital dimming.Unit-5: Power Management for Haptics and Motor DrivesTypes of motors (DC, Stepper, BLDC, Linear/Resonant) and electrical models, H-Bridge driver, PWM Vs. Linear driver, differential and singled ended driver, sensor-less drive, back EMF sensing techniques, overdrive and braking, short and open circuit detection.
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