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Course NoEE5313
Course TitleSemiconductor Device Modelling
Course ContentSemiconductors: Energy bands; Thermal equilibrium carrier concentration. Excess carriers, quasi Fermi levels; Recombination of carriers, lifetime.Carrier transport by drift, mobility; Carrier transport by diffusion; Continuity equation. Diffusion length.Quantitative theory of PN junctions: Steady state I-V characteristics under forward bias, reverse bias and illumination. Capacitances. Dynamic behavior under small and large signals. Breakdown mechanisms.Quantitative theory of bipolar junction transistors having uniformly doped regions. Static characteristics in active and saturation regions. Emitter efficiency, transport factor, transit time.Theory of Field Effect Transistors : Static characteristics of JFETs. Analysis of MOS capacitor. Calculation of threshold voltage. Static I-V characteristics of MOSFETs and their models.
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