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Course details of EE6260
Course NoEE6260
Course TitleDigital Simulation of Power Systems
Course ContentIntroduction: Introduction to Power System Electromagnetic Transients; Introduction to mathematical methods of numerical techniques in power system simulation. Numerical Methods: Analysis of continuous and discrete systems, State variable analysis, transform method, graph method, etc.; Transient and Digital Simulation using State variable analysis and method of difference equations. Modelling: Modeling of power system components in frequency and time domain models; Modeling of Transmission lines, cables; Transformers and rotating equipment; Modeling of nonlinearities in digital models of equipment. Simulation: Frequency Dependent network equivalents of power components and networks; Transient Simulation in Real Time, Mixed time frame simulation; Simulation in PSCAD / ETAP, ATP (Alternative Transients Program), Introduction to RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator). HIL (Hardware in Loop) etc.
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