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Course details of EE6504
Course NoEE6504
Course TitleOptical Communication Networks
Course ContentReview of Optical Networking Basics: Optical communication link, evolution of optical networks, SDH networks, broadcast & select networks, WDM networks. (2 weeks) WDM Optical Networks: Wavelength continuity constraint, optical pass-through, light-path, Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) problem, familiar algorithms and performance analysis. (2 weeks) Optical Network Elements: Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), OADMs, OXCs, passive optical routers, dynamic and flexible optical networking, reconfigurability, ROADMs, optical switch types, photonic integrated circuits from network perspective – photonic interconnects and switches. (3 weeks) Elements of All-Optical Packet Switching: Optical Burst Switching (OBS): JET, JIT protocols, contention resolution algorithms. (2 weeks) Multiplexing, Grooming Routing and Mesh Protection in Optical Networks: End-to-end multiplexing of optical payloads, basic ideas and role of grooming in optical networks – grooming node architecture, selection of grooming sites, trade-offs and strategies. Shortest path algorithms & multipath routing. Mesh protection in WDM networks. (2 weeks) Latest Trends in Optical Networking: Elements of dynamic and flexible (elastic) optical networking. Passive Optical Network (PoN) TDM-PoN, WDM-PoN. PoN solution to Wireless fronthaul / backhaul, CPRI / OBSAI formats, Open simulation tools like NS3, Omnet++ (2 weeks).
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