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Course NoEE6265
Course TitlePower System Operation and Planning
Course ContentI. Power System Operation Economic Studies: Economic Operation, Economic Dispatch Unit Commitment Concepts and Solution Methods, Cost Based Operation and Price Based Operational Studies. Operational Studies: Operating States of Power System, Security Studies, Operation under Emergencies, Power System Operation and Restorative Strategies, Optimal Economic Operation under restructured and deregulated power system Recent Developments: Availability Based Tariff (ABT), Unscheduled Interchange (UI) and Calculation, Indian Power Exchanges, IEX, PXIL, II. Power System Planning Basic Principles of Power Systems Planning, Issues in Planning, Economic Principles, Load / Price Forecasting: Classification of Electric Load Forecasting, Forecasting Perspectives and Drivers, Methods of Forecasting, Time Series, Regression Methods, Wind Power Forecasting, Solar irradiation forecasting. , Dynamic Pricing and Real time Price Forecasting. Electricity Price Forecasting, Price Volatility, Methods of forecasting Demand Side Management: Concepts and Characteristics of Demand Side Management, Benefits and Implementation, Evaluation of DSM Alternatives, System Expansion Studies: Generation Expansion Planning (GEP), Transmission Expansion Planning (TEP), Distribution Expansion Planning (DEP), Substation, Expansion Planning (SEP), Network Expansion Planning (NEP), Reactive Power Planning (RPP), Integrated Resource Planning: Integration of renewable Energy Sources, Supply and Demand Interaction, Pricing of renewable energy, Power System Planning under uncertainties. Planning Tools: Data Collection Decision Support Analysis and Decision Aiding Tools, Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis tools, Computational Methods, ARMA, GAMS. Wein Automatic System Planning (WASP) Package for Power system Planning.
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