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Course details of EE5175
Course NoEE5175
Course TitleImage Signal Processing
Course ContentBasics: Applications of image processing. notion of pixel, resolution, quantization, photon noise, Geometric transformations, source-to-target and target-to-source mapping, planar and rotational homography, RANSAC for homography estimation, image registration, change detection, and image mosaicing.Motion blur: Exposure time, weighted frame integration, depth aware warping, spatio-temporal averaging, dynamic scenes.Image Formation in Lens:Pin-hole versus real aperture lens model, lens as a 2D LSI system, blur circle, Doubly block circulant system matrix, pill box and Gaussian blur models, space invariant and space variant blurring.3D Shape from Focus:Depth of field, focal stack, focus operators, focus measure curve, Gaussian interpolation, 3D recovery, focused image recovery.Image Transforms:Data dependent and independent transforms, 1D Orthogonal trasnforms, Kronecker product, 2D orthogonal transforms from 1D, 2D DFT, 2D DFT for image matching, 2D DCT, Walsh-Haddamard transform, Karhunen-Loeve transform, eigenfilters, PCA for face recognition, singular value decomposition, image denoising using SVD.Photometric stereo: Normal estimation, depth reconstruction, uncalibrated PS, Generalized bas relief ambiguity. Image Enhancement:Thresholding methods (peak-valley, Otsu, Chow-Kaneko), histogram equalization and modification, Noise models, mean, weighted mean, median, weighted median, non-local means filter, BM3D, frequency domain filtering, illumination compensation by homomorphic filtering, segmentation by k-means clustering, higher-order statistics based clustering. Image Restoration:Well-posed and ill-posed problems, Fredholm-integral equation, condition number of matrix, conditional mean, Inverse filter, Wiener filter, ML and MAP restoration, image super-resolution.Edge Detection:Gradient operators, Prewitt, Sobel, Roberts, compass operators, LOG, DOG, Canny edge detectors, non-maxima suppression, hysteresis thresholding.
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