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Course details of EE6500
Course NoEE6500
Course TitleIntegrated Optoelectronics Devices and Circuits
Course Content(i) Introduction: Generic Optical Systems and Fundamental Building Blocks; (ii) Basics of Semiconductor Optoelectronics: Elemental and Compound Semiconductors; (iii) Electronic Properties and Optical Processes in Semiconductors; (iv) P-N Junction Theory, LEDs and Photodetectors; (v) Heterostructures, Confinement of Electron Waves, Optical Waveguides and Guided Modes; (vi) Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers and Fabry-Perot Lasers; (vii) Coupled Mode Theory, DBR and DFB Lasers; (viii) Silicon Photonics: Integrated Optical Passive and Active Components; (ix) Tunable Filters, Delay-Lines and Switching Circuits in SOI Platform; (x) CMOS Technology: Electrical vs. Optical Interconnects
Course Offered this semesterNo
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