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Course details of EE8016
Course NoEE8016
Course TitleReliability in Power Electronics (GIAN)
Course ContentThe course begins with introductions and motivations for reliability assessment and the basics of reliability engineering: reliability statistics, Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Reliability Testing Methods and data analysis. The reliability of active switching devices is then discussed and failure mechanisms are presented. The electro-thermal lifetime modelling and lifetime prediction tool for power modules is introduced. The condition monitoring of power semiconductor devices is then discussed. The course also discusses the reliability aspects in capacitors, being key components of power electronic circuits. The failure mechanisms in capacitors and their conditions monitoring aspects would be presented. As case studies, the impact of power quality disturbances on DC link capacitors in AC drives is then presented. The course concludes with challenges in power electronic circuit design and the concept of design for reliability. System level prediction and case studies are presented. Afternoon sessions would consist of exercises using Matlab or excel.
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