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Course details of EE4131
Course NoEE4131
Course TitleAnalog and Digital Filters
Course Contentstability and realizability conditions for rational functions in s-domain. Synthesis of impedence networks and single-ended 2-port networks. Butterworth, Chebyshev and Bessel Filters. Transformation to high pass and band pass filters. Filter design.Non-linearity of phase and its consequences. Filter delayReview of Sampling of analog signals and aliasing. Mapping analog filters to digital domain via sampling. Impulse invariant and Bilinear transformation techniques. IIR filters in digital domain. Pole-Zero placement and implications.The filter design problem - dividing the work between analog and digital sectionsOversampling to simplify the analog filterFIR filters. Requirements. Linearity of phase.Obtaining FIR filter from specified frequency response. Need for windowing.Gibbs phenomenon and its impact on stop-band attenuation and pass-band ripple.Rect, Triangular, Hanning and Kaiser windowsFIR filter design using Kaiser windowsDifferentiating, high pass and band pass filtersCombined analog and digital filter design to meet system specificationsIntroduction to optimal FIR filter design.
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