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Course details of EE2025
Course NoEE2025
Course TitleEngineering Electromagnetics
Course Content1. Static/Quasi-Static E & M Fields: (i) Poisson's and Laplace's equations, Uniqueness theorem, General Procedure for Solving Poisson's or Laplace's Equation, (ii) Resistance and Capacitance (Examples of MEMS and P-N junction), (iii) Magnetic Fields, Inductors and Inductance, (iv) Electric- and Magnetic Field Systems (Concept of distributed elements)2. Transmission Lines: (i) Equations of current and voltage, (ii) Standing waves and impedance transformation, (iii) Power transfer on a transmission line, (iv) Loss-less and low-loss transmission lines, (v) Discontinuity, Bounce diagram and Digital transmission lines.3. EM Waves and Waveguides: (i) Wave equation and plane-wave solution, (ii) Energy conservation and Poyenting theorem, (iii) Wave propagation in loss-less and lossy media, (iv) Waves at the interface (Fresnel's Equation, TIR, Brewester's Angle, Skin Depth), (v) Parallel plane waveguide and TEM modes, (vi) Rectangular Waveguides and Resonators, (v) Optical Waveguides, Fiber Optics and Optical Communications.
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