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Course NoEE6511
Course TitleDistributed Fiber Sensors and its Applications
Course ContentI. Fundamentals of Fiber optics 1. Modes in optical fiber, attenuation and dispersion 2. Optical sources and receivers – noise analysis II. Optical fiber sensors 1. Typical configuration 2. Amplitude/Phase/Wavelength/Polarization modulated sensors III. Distributed fiber sensors (3 sessions – Balaji Srinivasan) 1. Fundamentals of OTDR/OFDR 2. SNR improvement IV. Distributed sensing mechanisms (3 sessions – Luc Thevenaz) 1. Elastic/inelastic scattering – Rayleigh, Raman and Brillouin 2. Strain/temperature sensitivity V. Advanced concepts 1. Specific case studies 2. Long range sensing using BOTDA 3. Key issues for increasing number of measuring points 4. High spatial resolution sensing using BOCDA 5. Limitations and mitigating configurations VI. Applications and Future Prospects
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