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Course details of BT1020
Course NoBT1020
Course TitleMaterial and Energy Balances
Course ContentUnits and dimensions; significant figures; process variables and stoichiometry. System and surrounding; steady and unsteady state; problem solving strategy; choosing a basis; general material balance equation; balances on single and multiple units without reactions; balances on processes involving reactions; recycle; bypass and purge; balances involving cell growth and product formation. First law of thermodynamics; balances on closed and open systems; calculation of enthalpy changes; general energy balance equation; balances on non-reactive and reactive processes; heat of reaction for processes with biomass production; thermodynamics of microbial growth; balances on cell culture. Unsteady state material and energy balances; simultaneous unsteady state balances; solving unsteady state balances
Course Offered this semesterNo
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