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Course details of EE5505
Course NoEE5505
Course TitleWave Propagation in Communication
Course ContentReview of Maxwells equations, Boundary Conditions Wave equation, Plane wave solution, Wave Characteristics, characteristic impedance Polarisation, EM spectrum, Poynting Theorem Wave propagation in unbounded media - dielectrics, conductors, skin effect, plasma Plane waves at media interface - normal incidence Plane waves at media interface -oblique incidence, Snells Law, TIR, Brewsters angle Multilayers, impedance matching Parallel plane waveguides -TEM, TE and TM modes, cut off frequencies Distributed impedance, microstrips Waveguides : rectangular waveguide, TE, TM, modes Attenuation in waveguides Dielectric slab waveguide, concept of a fibre Basics of radiation theory-retarded potentials, radiation from a linear dipole antenna Antenna Patterns and Antenna parameters, Antenna arrays
Course Offered this semesterNo
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