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Course details of EE1102
Course NoEE1102
Course TitleIntroduction to Programming
Course ContentCourse Contents: 1. Introduction to Computers, programming language a. C language history 2. Variables constants and declarations 3. Arithmetic, relational and logical operators. a. Precedence order 4. Control flow statements a. For loop b. While loop c. If, If-else d. Switch 5. Arrays a. One dimensional and two dimensional arrays 6. Characters and strings 7. Functions a. Pass by value, pass by reference b. Recursive functions c. Scope of variables 8. Sorting algorithms a. Selection sort b. Insertion sort 9. Introduction to pointers a. Basic pointers b. Pointers to arrays and two dimensional arrays c. Pointer arithmetic d. Malloc, stack vs heap 10. Structures a. Basic introduction b. Pointers to structures c. Basic linked lists 11. File processing (IO processing) a. Opening, closing and reading files b. Structured and Unstructured file reading
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