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Course details of EE8008
Course NoEE8008
Course TitleGIAN 61003D01: Advanced Group-IV Semiconductor Electronic and Optoelectronic devices
Course Content- Introduction and review of quantum mechanics (2 lectures)Fundamental equations of quantum mechanicsCalculation of tunnelling currents- Advanced group-IV-materials: Ge-, SiGeSn- and GeSn-alloys (2 lectures)Basic principles of group-IV-heterostructure fabrication (strain, defects, virtual substrates) Manufacturing and properties of Ge-, SiGeSn- and GeSn-alloys - Group-IV-based devices for end of the roadmap and beyond CMOS (7 lectures)Tunnel field effect transistors: operating principle, device physics, state of the art devices and current challengesBasic description of electron spin and magnetismSpintronic devices: memory devices, Spin-FETs, nanomagnetic logic and all-spin logic - GeSn- and SiGeSn-based optoelectronic devices (3 lectures)Basics of optoelectronic devices Role of quantum mechanical confinement State-of-the art bulk and quantum-well GeSn- and SiGeSn-devices
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