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Course details of EE3001
Course NoEE3001
Course TitleSolid State Devices
Course ContentSolid state devices – History and its relevance in modern worldSolids, Crystals and Electronic grade materialsFormation of energy bands in solidsConcept of hole, Density of states and Fermi levelIntrinsic and extrinsic semiconductorsEquilibrium Carrier concentrationDirect and indirect semiconductorsRecombination and Generation of carriers,Carrier transport – Drift and DiffusionEquations of state – Continuity and Poisson equationpn junction – energy band diagram, derivation of dc and ac characteristicsBipolar junction transistors – physics and characteristicsMOS capacitorMOSFET – physics, characteristics and modelingOther devices: LEDs, Solar cells, metal-semiconductor junctions, solid state memories
Course Offered this semesterNo
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