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Course NoEE5411
Course TitleSynthesis of Control Systems
Course ContentOverview of the course: review of modelling and analysis of control systems, introduction to design, types of specifications, transform-based and state-space approaches.Compensation in time domain with specifications on settling time, peak overshoot etc., the root locus approach, design of a compensator using the root locus, notion of dominant poles, circuit representations. Compensation by frequency response methods with specications on gain margin and phase margin, design of a compensator using Bode plots.Synthesis of PID controllers: design of a controller for a known plant, design of a PID controller when plant model is unknown,Ziegler-Nichols tuning rules and related derivations. Two-degrees-of-freedom (2-DOF) control systems: introduction to 2-DOF control, design of 2-DOF controllers for disturbance rejection along with specifications on overshoot for setpoint trackingInternal stability and design of stabilizing controllers: pole-zero cancellation and issues, parametrization of stabilizing controllers, Youla parameter. State space-based synthesis: Design of a state-feedback controller using pole placement, Ackermanns formula, introduction to optimal control.
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