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Course details of EE6021
Course NoEE6021
Course TitleIntroduction to Research
Course ContentPart A Metaphysical Aspects of Engineering Research: Role of skill sets, aptitudes, intelligence (IQ), experience, memory retention capabilities on the performance of an engineering researcher apart from his/ her attitude, determination, ambition and hard work on the same. Psychological, ethical aspects of engineering research and human relationships in R&D, teaching institutes. Presentation skills oral & paper publications. Part B: Nature of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Main components of mathematics, viz, logic, reasoning, quantification, conjectures, theorems, lemmas and their application to real world (engineering) problems through modeling. Attributes of natural sciences and scientific methodologies: Experimental methods (design of experiments), observation, measurements (& errors), inference, theory explaining the experimental facts (hypothesis) and consistency and empirical formulae. Subtle relationships between mathematics and science and engineering Part C: Issues in Practical Engineering R & D. Mathematical modelling, justification, data analysis, visualization techniques and safety in R & D labs. Part D: Research Program Phases & Management: Course work, identification of a research problem, literature survey, organization of research ideas, contribution, thesis, technical paper, monograph writing and elements of an engineering research proposal.
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