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Friday 8th December 2023 (Friday), 11:00 AM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ PhD Seminar ]

Silicon Microring Resonator based Microwave Photonic Filter

Wednesday 6th December 2023 (Wednesday), 11:00 AM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ PhD Seminar ]

A Converse for fault-tolerant Quantum Computation

Monday 4th December 2023 (Monday), 11:00 AM Online

[ PhD Viva ]

Design and Control of Multi-port Isolated DC-DC Series Resonant Converter

Wednesday 29th November 2023 (Wednesday), 2:30 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Formal Verification Approaches for Components of Launch Vehicle Software

Wednesday 29th November 2023 (Wednesday), 2:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]


Tuesday 28th November 2023 (Tuesday), 11:00 AM Online

[ PhD Viva ]

Advanced Interfacing Techniques for Differential Inductive Position Sensors

Friday 24th November 2023 (Friday), 11:00 AM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ PhD Seminar ]

Rotate the ReLU to Sparsify Deep Networks Implicitly

Friday 24th November 2023 (Friday), 11:00 AM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Induction melting and stirring for casting of metal fuel for nuclear reactors

Thursday 23rd November 2023 (Thursday), 3:30 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ PhD Viva ]

A Generalized Framework for Modeling and Performance Analysis of Repeated / Regenerated Multihop Optical Links with Inherent Noise and Jitter Accumulation

Wednesday 22nd November 2023 (Wednesday), 11:00 AM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

The drive topologies and control techniques for high power induction machine drive

Tuesday 21st November 2023 (Tuesday), 2:00 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ PhD Seminar ]

Blind Estimation of PCMA signal parameters using the '2pth' order cyclic moment.

Saturday 28th November 2023 (Tuesday), 3:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Technology Platform for Standardized Freezing of Large Brain Tissues for High-Resolution Histology

Thursday 16th November 2023 (Thursday), 3:00 PM CSD-308 (Conference

[ PhD Viva ]

Application of Electrical Simulators andTheories for Solving Water DistributionNetwork (WDN) Problems

Thursday 9th November 2023 (Thursday), 2:00 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ MS Seminar ]

Timing and Multi-Antenna Phase Synchronization in a 5G-NR RRH

Wednesday 8th November 2023 (Wednesday), 2:00 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ PhD Seminar ]

Enhancing Torque Profile in a Self-Commutated 12-Pulse CSI Fed Multi-Phase Induction Machine Using a Novel PWM Scheme.

Wednesday 8th November 2023 (Wednesday), 3:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Meta-learning for Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction

Thursday 2nd November 2023 (Thursday), 3:00 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ Invited Talk ]

Inverse rendering based 3D reconstruction of a transparent surface

Friday 27th October 2023 (Friday), 4:00 PM https://meet.google.com/dhm-xsgt-dcq

[ MS TSA Meeting ]

Scheduling for Process Monitoring

Friday 27th October 2023 (Friday), 1:00 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ PhD Viva ]

Performance Analysis of Some Key Enablers for 6G Communication Systems

Friday 27th October 2023 (Friday), 4:00 PM https://meet.google.com/dhm-xsgt-dcq

[ MS TSA Meeting ]

Scheduling for Process Monitoring

Friday 15th September 2023 (Friday), 3:00 PM CSD-308 (Conference Hall)

[ PhD Seminar ]

Performance Enhancement of AlGaN/GaN HEMT using Field Plates

Friday 25th August 2023 (Friday), 10 AM ESB-210B (Conference Hall)

[ PhD Seminar ]

Design Techniques for a 0.63-7.5Gb/s Rapid On/Off Clock and Data Recovery with <50ns Turn-on Time

Thursday 24th August 2023 (Thursday), 3:30 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ Invited Talk ]

Almost-Optimal Best Restless Markov Arm Identification with Fixed Confidence

Tuesday 22nd August 2023 (Tuesday), 3:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Device and Process Engineering of OLEDs for Display Pixels and Solid-state Lighting

Friday August 18th, 2023 (Friday), 10:00 – 11:00 AM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ MS Seminar ]

Accurate Measurement and Improvement of Laser Phase Noise Performance

Wednesday 17th May 2023 (Wednesday), 11:00 AM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Design and Control of Multi-port Isolated DC-DC Series Resonant Converter

Friday April 14th 2023 (Friday), 4:00 PM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

Parameter Extraction for GaN-based High Electron Mobility Transistors.

Monday April 10th 2023 (Monday), at 4.00 PM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

Enhancing ECG-Based Sleep Staging and Overcoming Challenges in Wearable Sleep Monitoring

Monday April 10th 2023 (Monday), at 3.00 PM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

A Multifunctional Network to Address Practical Challenges in Respiration Rate Estimation

Thursday April 06th 2023 (Thursday), 3.00 PM to 4:00 PM ESB-210B (Conference Hall)

[ MS Seminar ]

Coherent Optical Communication Techniques for Experimental Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution.

Wednesday 5th April 2023, 11:00 AM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Consensus-based Distributed Algorithms: Resilience to Adversarial attacks

Monday April 3rd 2023 (Monday), 4:00 PM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

Robust Pitch Estimation algorithm using Deep learning approach.

Monday 3rd April 2023 (Monday), 2.00 PM Online

[ PhD Viva ]


Friday 31st March 2023 (Friday) at 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Online

[ MS TSA Meeting ]

Bayesian Inspired Grid Search for AoA Estimation

Friday 31st March 2023, 3.30pm Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Analysis of Distributed First and Zeroth-order Mirror Descent Algorithm

Friday 31st March 2023 (Friday), 02:00 PM ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)

[ Invited Talk ]

FedOpt++ - Federation Beyond Uniform Client Selection, Optimization Beyond Simple Minimization

Tuesday 21st March 2023, 2pm Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Lensless Cameras for Single-shot 3D Imaging and Optical Encryption

Thursday 16th March 2023, 5pm Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Charge based compact model for fin-shaped GaN HEMTs

Thursday 16th March 2023, 2.30pm Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Energy Efficient User-Centric Cell-Free System

Thursday 16th March 2023, 3pm Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Modeling of in-plane thin film piezoelectric on silicon MEMS Resonator for RF

Thursday 16th March 2023, 11am Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Some facets of out-of-plane rotations in optical tweezers: towards classical and quantum applications.

Thursday 9th March 2023 (Thursday), 3.00-4.00 PM Online

[ Invited Talk ]

Embedded systems applications for low-cost biosensors

Thursday 9th March 2023, 9.30 am Online

[ PhD Viva ]

Miniaturised Tunable Optical Gratings in Elastomers and SOI MEMS: Design and Development

Wednesday 8th February 2023 (Wednesday), 4:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Application of Electrical Circuit Theories for Solving Water Distribution Network (WDN) Problems

Friday 3rd February 2023 (Friday), 3:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

An Eddy current-Based Angle Sensor with a Minimally Modified Shaft as a Sensing Element

Friday 3rd February 2023 (Friday), 10:00 AM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

Quantum state tomography of n-qubit quantum mechanical system.

Monday 30th January 2023 (Monday), 10:00 AM Online

[ Invited Talk ]

Smart Grid Test Bed - Distribution System Modeling

Monday 23rd January 2023 (Monday), 3:00–4:20 PM Online

[ Invited Talk ]

In-Sensor & Neuromorphic Computing are all you need for Efficient Deep Learning

Friday 20th January 2023 (Friday), 3:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Towards Photorealistic Scene Reconstructions from Lensless Measurements

Thursday 19th January 2023 (Thursday ), 2:30 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Grid Inertia Monitoring Using Wide Area Measurements

Wednesday 18th January 2023 (Wednesday), 3:00 PM Online

[ Invited Talk ]

Distributionally Robust Covariance Steering with Optimal Risk Allocation

Tuesday 17th January 2023 (Tuesday), 2.00 PM Online

[ Invited Talk ]

Open-source AMS layout synthesis and hardware architectures for machine learning inference

Friday January 13th 2023 (Friday), 2:00 PM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

Accelerating Magnetic Resonance Imaging via Deep Neural Networks in full-data and limited-data regimes

Friday 13th January 2023 (Friday), 9:00 AM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

Reference-based super-resolution of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Friday January 13th 2023 (Friday), 3:00 PM Online

[ MS Seminar ]

Automatic 3D Registration of MRI-US for Knee Arthroscopy Guidance

Friday January 13th 2023 (Friday), 3:00-4:00 PM Online

[ Invited Talk ]

Advanced Packaging: Chiplets, Dielets, and Heterogeneous Integration

Friday 13th January 2023 (Friday), 2:00 PM Online

[ PhD Viva ]

Vulnerability Assessment and Spectral Analysis based Detection for Smart Grid Cyber Physical System Security

Tuesday 10th January 2023, 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm Online

[ Invited Talk ]

Design Guide for Microgrid Protection with Deep Deployment of DER, Inverters and Other Digital Devices and Systems

Monday 9th January 2023 (Monday), 3.00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Unsupervised image restoration in extreme conditions

Thursday 5th January 2023 (Thursday ), 4.00 to 500 PM Online

[ Invited Talk ]

Resonant wide-area forced oscillations in large power interconnections

Monday 2nd January 2023 (Monday), 2:00 PM Online

[ PhD Seminar ]

Normal form analysis in the presence of Power System Stabilizer, Static VAr Compensator and Static Synchronous Compensator

Friday 30th December 2022 (Friday), 11.00 AM Online

Prof Byrav Ramamurthy [ Invited Talk ]

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is driving transformations in Research and Education

Thursday 29th December 2022 (Thursday), 11.00 AM Online

Dr. Subra Dravida, Qualcomm Inc [ Invited Talk ]

Modem Architecture Evolution from 4G to 5G

Wednesday 21st December 2022 (Wednesday), 10.30 AM Online

Ms. Parvathy G (EE20S135) [ MS Seminar ]

Understanding the performance of bentonite and lime stabilised soil for grounding under lightning impulse voltage

Wednesday 21st December 2022 (Wednesday), 4.15 PM Online

Mr. Bishal Mondal (EE16D406) [ PhD Seminar ]

Analysis, design and control of grid-connected inverter with output LCL filter under non-ideal grid conditions

Wednesday 21st December 2022, 3:30 PM Online

Mr. Malakondaiah Muli (EE16D010) [ PhD Seminar ]

Self-Impedance Estimation for effective decoupled droop control in a microgrid.

Tuesday 20th December 2022 (Tuesday), 4:00 PM Online

Subha Sarkar (EE18S063) [ MS Seminar ]

Analysis and Design of Ultra Low Distortion Amplifiers, High-Q Bandpass Filters, and Sinusoidal Oscillators for Testing High-Res

Tuesday 20th December 2022 (Tuesday), 2.00 PM Online

Anusha Prakash (EE17D039) [ PhD Seminar ]

End-to-End Speech Synthesis for Indian Languages: A Multilingual Perspective

Tuesday 20th December 2022 (Tuesday), 3:00 PM Online

Asish Das (EE17S040) [ MS Seminar ]

Design and Analysis of SAR ADCs for High Speed Serial Link Applications.

Monday 19th December 2022, 10.00 AM Online

Mr. Rejitha Raveendran (EE17D016) [ PhD Viva ]

Dynamical System Approaches to Solve Convex Optimization Problems

Saturday 17th December 2022 (Saturday), 10.00 AM Online

Mr. Seshadri G (EE16D005) [ PhD Seminar ]

Control of SCR bridge rectifier to suppress the effect of even ordered harmonics in drives

Friday 16th December 2022 (Friday), 10:00 AM Online

Dr. Kiran Mukkavilli [ Invited Talk ]

6G Technology Enablers and Roadmap

Thursday 15th December 2022 (Thursday), 3:00 PM Online

Pawan Kumar Pandit (EE19D018) [ PhD Seminar ]

Stabilization of integrated photonic resonator device

Thursday 15th December 2022 (Thursday), 3.00p.m Online

Abhay Mohan M V (EE17D024) [ PhD Seminar ]

Interference Management Schemes for Local Service Insertion in 5G Broadcast

Wednesday 14th December 2022 (Wednesday), 11:00 AM Online

Sushmitha Shree S (EE18D702) [ PhD Seminar ]

Stochastic Bounded Confidence Opinion Dynamics: Towards characterizing opinion differences in finite time

Wednesday 14th December 2022, 2.00 PM Online

Venkata Subramanian Viraraghavan (EE16D024) [ PhD Viva ]

Automatic Descriptive Transcription of Carnatic Music

Tuesday 13th December 2022, 3.00 pm Online

Ampolu Maneesha (EE18D020) [ PhD Seminar ]

Decentralized Bidding Strategy in Electricity Trading Platform

Monday 12th December 2022 (MON), 3.00 PM Online

Prof. Moritz Riede, University of Oxford, UK [ Invited Talk ]

Microstructure and Electronic Disorder in Organic Solar Cells

Friday 9th December 2022, 2 PM Online

Ankit Kumar Gupta ( EE18D007) [ PhD Seminar ]

Design and Performance Evaluation of Successive Interference Cancellation based Slotted Aloha MAC protocol

Wednesday 7th December 2022, 3.00 pm Online

Ram Mohan Rao Boyapati (EE18D401) [ PhD Seminar ]

Silicon photonic tunable delay line interferometer for quantum key distribution

Tuesday 6thDecember 2022, 3.00 PM Online

Dr. Ajith Kamath [ Invited Talk ]

Digital Watermarking Technology.

Tuesday 6th December 2022, 2:00 PM Online

Mr. Milind Kumar Vaddiraju [ Invited Talk ]

Trust-free service measurement and payments for decentralized cellular networks

Friday 2nd December 2022, 11.00 am Online

Aparna Behara (EE16D038) [ PhD Seminar ]

Performance Analyses of Uplink MU-OFDMA Hybrid Access MAC in IEEE 802.11ax WLANs.

Friday 2nd December 2022, 9.00 am Online

Suresh Chejarla (EE19D016) [ PhD Seminar ]

Excitation of Whispering Gallery Modes in Micro-Bottle Resonator.

Thursday 1st December 2022, 11.00am Online

Naga Surya Prakash M (EE15D019) [ PhD Viva ]

Improvised model predictive control methods for dual inverter fed open end winding induction motor drive

Thursday 1st December 2022 (Thursday), 3:30 PM Online

Mr. Vivek Thomas Chacko (EE19S024) [ MS Seminar ]

Analysis, Modeling and Control Techniques for Series Resonant Converter.

Tuesday 29th November 2022, 3.00 pm Online

Suvarna Parvathy K V (EE18D416) [ PhD Seminar ]

Investigation on resonator based modulators for silicon photonic applications

Monday 28th November 2022, 11.00 am Online

Susan Thomas (EE20D751) [ PhD Seminar ]

Optics for micro-endoscopy

Monday 28th November 2022, 3.00 pm Online

Metilda Sagaya Mary N J (EE18D013) [ PhD Seminar ]

Investigation of Self-attention based Architectures for Speaker Verification

Friday 25th November 2022, 4.00pm Online

Mohit Lamba (EE18D009) [ PhD Viva ]

Fast and Efficient Restoration of Dark Multi-View Images

Wednesday 23rd November 2022, 10.30 a.m Online

A. S. Anil Kumar (EE19D012) [ PhD Seminar ]

Design and Development of a Variable Reluctance-Based Thin Planar Angle Sensor

Wednesday 23rd November 2022, 11.00am Online

Jerin Geogy George (EE20D029) [ PhD Seminar ]

Design and fabrication of dielectric meta-optical elements for light shaping

Tuesday 22.11.2022 (Tuesday), 2.30 PM - 3:30 PM Online

Mr. Himanshu Goyel (EE19S025) [ MS Seminar ]

Cyber Physical Systems for Smart Grids – Attack Generation and Detection

Thursday 17 November 2022, 2.15pm Online

Dr. Vaibhav Tripathi [ Invited Talk ]

The thrust to integrate more features on a single die has made system-on-chips (SoCs) increasingly complex

Wednesday 16th November 2022, 3.00pm Online

Speaker : Jyothish M (EE15D010) [ PhD Seminar ]

Simulation of the emission wavelength of a semiconductor quantum dot and its applications in single photon sources.

Tuesday 15th November (Tuesday), 10:00 AM Online

Mr. Gourab Ghosh (EE13S004) [ MS Seminar ]

A Simple Analytical Approach towards Core Loss Estimation of Brushless DC Machines with Trapezoidal Back-EMF

Friday 4th November 2022, 3.00 PM to 4:00 PM Online

Ms. B Varsha (EE18S071) [ MS Seminar ]

Digital Predistortion for mm-Wave MIMO Phased Arrays

Friday 4th November 2022, 3.00pm Online

Krishnakumar G (EE19D410) [ PhD Seminar ]

Fast and Secure Routing Algorithms for Quantum Key Distribution Networks

Friday 4th November 2022, 3.00pm Online

Bagath Chandraprasad T (EE16D033) [ PhD Seminar ]

Methods for optical phase retrieval from a single off-axis interference pattern: Important strategies.

Thursday 3rd November 2022, 4.00pm Online

Ragul S (EE16D031) [ PhD Viva ]

Doped Graphene and Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films as Transparent Conducting Electrodes for Optoelectronic Applications

Tuesday 1st November 2022, 2.00pm Online

Gayathri R Prabhu (EE15D035) [ PhD Viva ]

Sequential Multi-hypothesis Testing in Multi-armed Bandit Problems

Friday 28th October 2022, 2.30pm Online

Hariharan R (EE17D009) [ PhD Viva ]

Study and Design of Improved Synchronverter Control Schemes for Distributed Energy Resources

Friday 28th October 2022 (Friday), 2.00 to 3:30 PM Online

Sonu Kumar (EE19S056) [ MS Seminar ]

Electrothermal co-simulation of SOI MOSFET based circuits

Thursday 27th October 2022, 3.30p.m Online

Bommisetty Lokesh (EE18D412) [ PhD Seminar ]

Performance Analysis of Connection Establishment Under Beamforming in 5G NR Networks

Wednesday October 26th (Wednesday), 2:00 PM Online

KBSMDS Sai Prasanth (EE19S080) [ MS Seminar ]

Implementation of FAPI interface for the 5G Base Station

Friday 21st October 2022, 3.30 pm Online

T. V. Jeshma (EE17D041) [ PhD Viva ]

Sensing Techniques and Systems to Aid Inductive Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicles - Design and Development.

Thursday 20th October 2022, 11.00am Online

Thulasi T (EE15D410) [ PhD Seminar ]

The robust way to stack and bag: constructing adversarially robust ensemble networks using local Lipschitz constants.

Tuesday 18-10-2022, 3:00 PM Online

Sreeram C Sreenivasan (EE17D404) [ PhD Viva ]

Sequential Nonparametric Anomaly Detection and Clustering

Wednesday 12th October 2022, 3.00pm Online

Moirangthem Sailash Singh (EE17D017) [ PhD Seminar ]

On Quantification and Control of Information Transfers in Complex Dynamical Networks

Wednesday 12th October 2022, 12.00pm Online

Arun Chithrabhanu (EE15D212) [ PhD Seminar ]

Quantification of Noise Benefits in Torque Control Strategies of SRM Drives.

Monday 10th October 2022, 3.00 pm Online

Immanuel Thekkooden (EE20D035) [ PhD Seminar ]

Single Photon Emitters in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Saturday Online

[ Short term cousre ]

Two days Outreach Program for Women on Research initiatives in the area of High Voltage Engineering at IIT Madras

Monday 3rd October 2022, 11.30am Online

S.K.Amizhtan (EE19D207) [ PhD Seminar ]

Impact of Surfactants on the Electrical and Rheological Aspects of Silica Based Synthetic Ester Nanofluids

Friday September 30th (Friday), 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM Online

Mr. Shubhang Pandey ( EE19S057) [ MS Seminar ]

Performance Characterizations and Improvements in Near Memory Processing Architectures

Thursday 29th September 2022, 3.00 pm Online

Praveen Kandula (EE17D026) [ PhD Seminar ]

Deep networks for handling photometric and geometric distortions.

Wednesday 28th September 2022, 3.00 pm Online

Fredy Francis (EE14D020) [ PhD Seminar ]

A General Performance Estimation Framework for Multihop Optical Repeater/Regenerated Links

Tuesday 27th September 2022, 4.00pm Online

Gowriprasad R (EE19D702) [ PhD Seminar ]

Data-Driven Culture-Specific Rhythm and Percussion Pattern Analysis in Hindustani Music.

Monday September 26th, 9.00 am Online

Sandeep V Nair (EE15D023) [ PhD Viva ]

Design and Control of 3-phase and Dual 3-phase PMSM for Improved Performance in Electric Vehicles and Marine Propulsion

Friday 23rd September 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:00 noon Online

Dr. Debayan Das [ Special Seminar Talks ]

Advanced Electromagnetic and Machine Learning techniques towards Secure & Trusted Microelectronics

Friday Friday, September 23rd 3PM Online

Dr. Srinivas Kota [ Special Seminar Talks ]

Best Arm Identification in Federated Learning Multi-Armed Bandits

Tuesday 20th September 2022,10AM Online

Shivani Bathla (EE17D037) [ PhD Seminar ]

Incremental Build-Infer-Approximate (IBIA): A novel framework for approximate Bayesian inference

Monday September 19th, 4.00 pm Online

Gautam shaw (EE15D047) [ PhD Seminar ]

Building Differential Phase-Shift Quantum Key Distribution (DPS-QKD) System

Monday 19th September 2022, 5 PM Online

Soumya Ranjan Panda (EE20D850) [ PhD Viva ]

Investigating High-Frequency SiGe HBTs: Assessment of Characterization and New Architecture Exploration

Monday 19th September 2022, 3pm Online

Mrudula K (EE19D017) [ PhD Seminar ]

Low-distortion and low-noise amplifiers for optical communication systems

Monday 19-09-2022, 3:00 PM Online

Maitreya Suin (EE17D201) [ PhD Viva ]

Pixel Adaptive Neural Network Design for Image and Video Restoration

Friday 16th September 2022, 3.00PM Online

Durga Malleswara Rao K (EE17D036) [ PhD Seminar ]

Renewable Energy based Hybrid Microgrid System for Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Station

Wednesday 7th September, 2022, 4pm-5pm (IST) Online

Dr. Sangyoon Han, Assistant Professor, DGIST, Korea [ Special Seminar Talks ]

Ultra-Low Power and Scalable Programmable Silicon Photonic MEMS

Monday 5th september, 3.00p.m Online

Abhay Mohan M V (EE17D024) [ PhD Seminar ]

Interference-Aware Receiver for Reuse-1 OFDMA system in the sub-1 GHz band.

Monday September 5th (Monday), 5:00 PM Online

Shubham Dhiman (EE18S039) [ MS Seminar ]

Design and Control of Power Converters for Electric Vehicle Battery Charging

Friday September 2nd, 2022 at 11.00 AM Online

Prajosh K P (EE17D044) [ PhD Seminar ]

Fault diagnosis and mutual coupling quantification in a phased array antenna.

Thursday September 1st, 2.30p.m Online

P. Naveen kumar (EE19D015) [ PhD Seminar ]

Applications of Continuous Wavelet Transforms to Optical Coherence Tomography

Tuesday August 30th @4pm Online

Prof. Ayalvadi Ganesh [ Invited Talk ]

Job parallelism for latency reduction

Tuesday August 30th 2022 at 11 AM Online

Prof Henk Wymeersch [ Invited Talk ]

Optimizing communication systems - "if we do not have the entire model"

Thursday August 25 @ 2pm Online

Dr. Ashok Vardhan [ Invited Talk ]

KO codes: Inventing Non-linear Encoding and Decoding for Reliable Wireless Communication via Deep-learning

Thursday August 25th 2022 at 7:00 PM. Online

Dr. Pilsoon Choi [ Invited Talk ]

Towards power efficient and small form factor mobile devices in future wireless communications

Monday Monday, August 22 · 3:00 – 4:00pm Online

Asif Ikbal Mondal (EE19S014) [ MS Seminar ]

Improving Cell-Edge User Performance Using Power Control in CoMP-Enabled NOMA Network under Random User Pairing Scenario.

Monday 22nd August 2022, 3:15 PM Online

Fiheon Imroze (EE16D301) [ PhD Viva ]

Charge injection-assisted performance improvement of solution-processed organic field-effect devices

Thursday 18th August 2022 @ 2:30 PM Online

Ms.Nihalini Baline (EE20D026) [ PhD Seminar ]

Active Power Flow Control in Power Transmission Networks

Thursday 18 Aug • 3:00 – 4:00 pm Online

Ms. Shilpa Susan George (EE18S043) [ MS Seminar ]

Three-coil sensor for liquid level measurement

Friday 12th August 2022, 12:30 PM Online

Alok Baluni (EE15D043) [ PhD Viva ]

Wideband Continuous-Time Delta–Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters with Improved Linearity.

Wednesday Wednesday August 10 at 3PM Online

Dr. Dheeraj Nagaraj [ Invited Talk ]

Leveraging Independence to Design Algorithms for Dependent Data: Two Vignettes

Monday August 8th 2022 at 2:30 PM. Online

Anushka Tiwari (EE19D032) [ PhD Seminar ]

Integrated Photonics with SiN Waveguides

Friday Wednesday, August 5 · 2:00 – 3:00pm Online

Joshitha R (EE19D701) [ PhD Seminar ]

Efficient Representation, Coding and Streaming of Light fields for Glasses-free 3D Displays

Wednesday August 3 · 4:00 – 5:00pm Online

Joshitha R (EE19D701) [ PhD Seminar ]

Efficient Representation, Coding and Streaming of Light fields for Glasses-free 3D Displays

Monday 01-08-2022 09:00AM Online

Myneni Sukesh Babu (EE18D003) [ PhD Viva ]

Investigation on electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy micro-nanocomposites and their ageing performance for po

Friday 29th July, 11:00 am Online

Neethu Sasikumar (EE18D043) [ PhD Seminar ]

Performance analysis of Distributed Acoustic Sensors

Thursday 28th July, 2022, 12:00 noon Online

Sameer Ahmad Mir (EE19D418) [ PhD Seminar ]

Capacity Scaling Methods and Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Coherent Optical Systems

Wednesday JULY 27th, 2022, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Online

MANO BALA SANKAR M (EE18S301) [ MS Seminar ]

Devices for Photonic and Quantum Technologies by Femtosecond (fs) LASER Micro-Structuring

Wednesday JULY 27th, 2022, 11 am to 12 pm Online

Navya Vuppalapati (EE17D056) [ PhD Seminar ]

Minimum Candidate Selection Algorithm for Hybrid IP/SDN Networks with Single Link Failures

Wednesday July 27th , 12.00pm to 1.00pm. Online

Ankit Kumar Gupta ( EE 18D007) [ PhD Seminar ]

Design and analysis of IEEE 802.11 based Full Duplex WLAN MAC protocol

Wednesday July 27th, 12:00 to 1:00 PM Online

Sourodeep Roy (EE19D414) [ PhD Seminar ]

Investigation of Resistance Switching in Silicon-Oxide Resistive Random Access Memory devices

Monday 25th July 2022, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Online

K Chitra Sai Srivatsava (EE19S032) [ MS Seminar ]

Electrical parameter extraction of organic transport layers and study of electron and hole-only devices

Friday July 22, 2022, 3.30 pm Online

Lokesh N (EE17D006) [ PhD Seminar ]

An improved sliding mode control scheme for voltage-controlled four-leg inverter in the natural reference frame

Thursday Online

Sooraj M S (EE17D055) [ PhD Seminar ]

Investigation of Coherent Beam Combination Techniques for Enhanced Combination Efficiency and Scalability

Tuesday Online

[ Workshop on ]

Linear Transfer Operators: From Data-driven Analytics to Prediction and Control in Dynamical Systems", July 19-22

Thursday Online

[ ]

PhD Seminar-Quantitative Analysis for Application-Specific Calibration Approaches for Low-Cost Sensors for Air Quality Monitori

Wednesday Online

[ ]

Department Degree Distribution Programme (D3P)

Monday Online

[ ]

Short course on "Inversion-based Feedforward Control for Precision Tracking from July 11-13, 2022"

Friday Online

[ ]

Webinar on “Towards an Atmanirbhar Telecom Network”

Wednesday Online

[ ]

Workshop on "Grid-Connected Inverters: Operations and Control" on 6th, 7th and 8th July, 2022

Friday Online

[ ]

National Conference on Energy Technologies

Monday Online

[ ]

PhD Seminar-II of Ms. Naina P M (EE15D024)

Monday Online

[ ]

Dynamical system approaches to solve time-varying convex optimization problems Date: 14.02.2022

Monday Online

[ ]

Distributed Energy Management using Consensus Algorithms

Friday Online

[ ]

Conducting Polymer Based Capacitive Humidity Sensing- Exploring PANI-SSA as an Active Material

Friday Online

[ ]

Understanding the Li-Ion Battery pack degradation in the field using field-test and lab-test data

Tuesday Online

[ ]

Design and control of equal and unequal split dual 3-phase PMSM for improved performance in electric vehicles.

Monday Online

[ ]

PhD Viva of Mr. Satya Jayadev Pappu (EE15D202)

Monday Online

[ ]

Cyber Attack Detection and Mitigation for Load Frequency Control in Smart Grids

Monday Online

[ ]

Doped Graphene and Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films as Transparent Conducting Electrodes for Optoelectronic Applications

Wednesday Online

[ ]

Speech Decoding on Hardware (Pani Prithvi Raj (EE16D202))

Thursday Online

[ ]

Modeling and Design of Super-junction Devices