| MS TSA Meeting

Name of the Speaker: Mr. Hari Prakash P (EE20S055)
Guide: Prof. Ganti Radha Krishnan
Co-Guide: Prof. Sankaran Aniruddhan
Venue: ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)
Online meeting link: https://meet.google.com/uih-jprq-jys
Date/Time: 11th June 2024 (Tuesday), 3:00 PM
Title: Analog Front End Design for 5G NR MIMO Base station


The architecture of a 5G NR Base Station, often referred to as gNodeB (gNB), encompasses several innovative technologies and components that include Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) configuration and advanced beamforming techniques. The 5G NR AFE is responsible for handling these technology tasks that occur between the antenna and the digital signal processing unit. It encompasses various components such as low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), power amplifiers (PAs), voltage regulators and filters.

In this presentation we will explore i) The transmitter, receiver, observation receiver and calibration circuit design, ii) The design and optimization of PCB layout and routing, iii) Verification processes including circuit and EM simulations, iv) EMI/EMC compatibility, v) Test procedures and results to verify the performance of the 5G NR analog front end.