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Name of the Speaker: Short term certification course
Name of the Organizer: Lakshminarasamma N
Title: Modeling and Digital Implementation of Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Applications ”Modeling and Digital Implementation of Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Applications” course will be floated in NPTEL+ for students pursuing a career in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. It will be a 4-month (Tentative from Sept-Dec 2024) online course. This course will be taken by the faculties in Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Madras. Dr. N. Lakshminarasamma, Dr. Mahesh kumar and Dr. Arun karupasammay will be teaching this course. The highlights for the course is that it has two sub-courses i.e. "Digital Controller for Power Electronic Applications" which a coding-based course and uses the most popular "Texas Instruments TMS320F28379D" processor for coding. The second course is on "Modelling and Real time control implementation of Power Electronic Converters in TI DSP for Renewable Applications" which focuses on real time modeling, design, control schemes implementation in DSP for Solar PV/Battery Integrated Power Electronic Interface for renewable applications. This course is not opened yet, but if you are interested, please fill out the below google form link attached below. We will soon get back to you. The complete coverage for this course is also given in the google form.
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