| PhD Seminar

Name of the Speaker: Mr. Tony Thomas (EE21D052)
Guide: Prof. Mahesh Kumar
Online meeting link: https://meet.google.com/dsg-torw-bgk
Date/Time: 22nd July 2024 (Monday), 3:30 PM
Title: Observer Based Control Scheme Using Super-Twisting SMC for a DC Microgrid Feeding Constant Power Loads


The global drive for decarbonization has accelerated the adoption of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems in microgrids. The wide utilization of several power electronic converters in the DC microgrid creates stability issues. The incremental negative impedance feature of constant power loads in the DC microgrid may destabilize the system and its significant presence might affect the dynamics of power electronic converters. This seminar presents the control schemes for a PV-Wind-Hybrid Energy Storage System based standalone DC microgrid with constant power loads. Hybrid energy storage system consisting of battery and supercapacitor are widely used to provide reliable power supply to the load. The supercapacitor having high power density absorbs the transient current components and thereby improves the life of the battery. A control scheme based on super-twisting control and modified super-twisting observer is proposed for the bidirectional converters of battery and supercapacitor. The implemented control scheme provides wider stability margin, better dynamic performance, and tightly regulates the DC bus voltage. The super-twisting sliding mode controller is also implemented to track the current reference obtained from the optimum torque control MPPT algorithm in a permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind system. The relevant theoretical analyses and the efficacy of the control algorithms by simulation and experimental studies are presented in this seminar.