Video lectures from the iCS group @ IIT Madras

EC5135: Analog Electronic Circuits/EC3102 Analog Circuits(Aug.-Nov. 2012)

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Instructor: Aniruddhan S

This is an introductory course on Analog Circuits. Problem sets and other instructions can be found here. Familiarity with basic linear electrical networks is assumed. At IIT Madras, the prerequisite courses are Electrical and Magnetic Circuits and Networks and Systems.

The lectures will also *eventually* be available in iPod format(320×240 video, AAC audio). Once these are up, click on the link marked iPod next to each lecture to download these.

  1. 2012-07-31 (No Recording) (pdf): Introduction to the course
  2. 2012-08-01(pdf): Analysis of circuits with nonlinear elements
  3. 2012-08-02(pdf): Incremental analysis of a nonlinear circuit (esp diode)
  4. 2012-08-03(pdf): Incremental analysis; Introduction to 2-port networks
  5. 2012-08-07(pdf): Incremental 2-port analysis; Y-matrix constraints
  6. 2012-08-08(pdf): Introduction to MOSFETs & its I-V characteristics
  7. 2012-08-10(pdf): MOSFET transconductance; MOS amplifier from 2-port
  8. 2012-08-13 (No Recording) (pdf): Synthesis of Common Source Amplifier
  9. 2012-08-16(pdf): Swing limits of CSA
  10. 2012-08-17(pdf): Swing limits of CSA (contd)
  11. 2012-08-21(pdf): Small-signal operation w.r.t. MOSFET
  12. 2012-08-22(pdf): MOSFET output impedance; Review for quiz 1
  13. 2012-08-24(pdf): Bode plots; Transfer functions
  14. 2012-08-28(pdf): Introduction to stable biasing
  15. 2012-08-30(pdf): Bias Stabilization - the current mirror
  16. 2012-09-04 (No Recording) (pdf): Common-source amplifier - drain feedback
  17. 2012-09-05(pdf): Common-source amplifier - source feedback
  18. 2012-09-06(pdf): Common-source amplifier - Source feedback (contd)
  19. 2012-09-07(pdf): Common-source amplifier - Source feedback (contd)
  20. 2012-09-14(pdf): Introduction to negative feedback
  21. 2012-09-18(pdf): Negative feedback (contd)
  22. 2012-09-20(pdf): Negative feedback review; Bias stabilization - drain to source feedback
  23. 2012-09-21(pdf): Drain to source feedback (contd); MOSFET based VCVS
  24. 2012-09-25(pdf): Common-drain amplifier
  25. 2012-09-26(pdf): MOSFET-based VCCS
  26. 2012-09-27(pdf): MOSFET-based CCCS - Common-gate Amplifier
  27. 2012-09-28(pdf): MOSFET-based CCVS - Transimpedance Amplifier
  28. 2012-10-04 (No Notes or Recording): Introduction to PMOS transistor
  29. 2012-10-10(pdf): PMOS bias stabilization; PMOS VCVS
  30. 2012-10-11(pdf): PMOS VCCS, CCCS, CCVS; Introduction to Active load
  31. 2012-10-12(pdf): Active load (contd); CMOS inverter characteristics
  32. 2012-10-16(pdf): CMOS inverter; Introduction to differential circuits
  33. 2012-10-17(pdf): Differential amplifier - half-circuit analysis
  34. 2012-10-18(pdf): Differential amplifier - CMRR, active load
  35. 2012-10-19(pdf): Single-stage Opamp and its problems
  36. 2012-10-23(pdf): Single-stage Opamp - large signal analysis, feedback
  37. 2012-10-25(pdf): High Frequency MOS transistor model
  38. 2012-10-26(pdf): Frequency response of CS Amplifier; Miller Effect
  39. 2012-10-31(pdf): Frequency response of feedback systems - 1
  40. 2012-11-01(pdf): Frequency response of feedback systems - 2
  41. 2012-11-06(pdf): Frequency response of feedback systems - 3
  42. 2012-11-07(pdf): Dominant pole compensation
  43. 2012-11-08(pdf): Phase & gain margin of feedback systems
  44. 2012-11-10(pdf): Dominant pole compensation in two-stage opamps
  45. 2012-11-10(pdf): Two-stage opamps
  46. 2012-11-14(pdf): The Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) - 1
  47. 2012-11-15(pdf): The Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) - 2