Video lectures from the iCS group @ IIT Madras


Self study program for analog design

Click here for guidelines to a self study program in analog circuit design.


Knowledge of networks and systems is a prerequisite for all analog courses. You can access Prof. VGK Murti's course on networks and systems from NPTEL.

About these lectures

These are recordings of lectures by faculty in the VLSI group. Students taking these courses at IITM can use the videos to review the material. It is absolutely not recommended that you completely stop taking notes in class. You absorb a lot more by writing down than by listening passively. The videos will hopefully relieve you from some drudgery-e.g. repeatedly taking down circuit diagrams. Students outside IITM may use the lectures to learn the material. Again, taking notes as you listen is preferable to listening passively.

The videos are uploaded here immediately after the class. Later, they are replaced by cleaned up versions in which long pauses, inaudible Q&A between the lecturer and the students, and glitches in presentation are corrected.

Miscellaneous information