Integrated Circuits and Systems group, IIT Madras

EC5135: Analog Electronic Circuits/EC3102: Analog Circuits(Aug.-Nov. 2011)



  • ESB127: Odd roll numbers
  • ESB106: Even roll numbers


E slot(Tu 11-12; W 10-11; Th 8-9; Fr 2-3)

Teaching Assistants

  • Ankesh Jain
  • Dileep Kumar R
  • Guduri Venkatesh
  • Kamble Maitrey Shridhar
  • Radha S
  • Sandeep SK
  • Sumit Kumar
  • Timir Nandi

TAs can be reached at ec3102iitm at gmail dot com


There will be four quizzes on Aug. 25, Sep. 16, Oct. 13, and Nov. 3 in the 8am-9am slot. These will count for 50-60% of the grade and the end semester exam for the remaining 40%. Biweekly tutorials will count for up to 10% of the grade.

Recorded lectures

The recorded lectures are available here. You can also find lectures from previous years at the same link. The introductory lecture has information on prerequisites and references.


Problem sets will be posted below. You are expected to solve them on your own. You can approach the teaching assistants for clarifications and help. You should work each one before the corresponding dates given below.


  • Two port parameters: Follow Prof. Dutta Roy's course on circuit theory at NPTEL. These are covered in lectures 20(second half), 21, 24, 25, 26. Problems in two port parameters are in lectures in 23, 25, 29
  • Circuit analysis with Laplace Transforms: Follow lectures 5-8 at this link to refresh your understanding of laplace transform analysis, sinusoidal steady state etc. Solve the practice problems in this problem set.


Attendance will be strictly enforced and those falling short will not be permitted to write the end sem exam. TAs will go around the room taking attendance at the beginning of the class. If you are more than 5 min. late, please do not enter the classroom.