Papers I have (co-)authored

Approximate Computing and Neural Networks
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Reduced order modelling and SVD computation
  1. V.Charumathi, M.Ramakrishna and V.Vasudevan, "Fast Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Using Improved Sampling and Iterative Techniques for Singular Value Decomposition. arXiv:1905.05107 (2019) (Accepted for publication in ACM TOMS)
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Statistical timing analysis
  1. P.R.Chithira and V.Vasudevan, " Potential Critical Path Selection based on a Time-Varying Statistical Timing Analysis Framework", IEEE Trans. VLSI systems, vol. 27, no. 6, June 2019 (pdf)
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Mixed-signal BIST
  1. K.P.Sunil Rafeeque and V.Vasudevan, "A New Technique for on-chip error estimation and reconfiguration of current steering digital to analog converters'', IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems-I:Regular papers, Nov. 2005. (pdf)
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Digital design
  1. K.N.Vikram and V.Vasudevan, ``Mapping data-parallel tasks onto partially reconfigurable hybrid processor architectures'', IEEE Trans. VLSI design, Sept. 2006. (pdf)
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Papers in CAD/design/devices
  1. Rajesh T.N.Rajaram and V.Vasudevan, "Optimisation of the one-dimensional full search algorithm and implementation using an EPLD", Proceedings of the 13th International conference on VLSI design, pp 336-341, 2000.
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