Here is what some of my research students are working/have worked on


V.Charumathi (co-guiding with M.Ramakrishna), working towards PhD, Fast PCA computation
K.B.N.Girish (co-guiding with Nitin Chandrachoodhan), working towards PhD, Neural networks
B.Shivani (co-guiding with Nitin Chandrachoodhan), working towards PhD, Bayesian networks

Recent past

D.Celia (co-guided with Nitin Chandrachoodhan), now at Qualcomm, Approximate computing
P.R.Chithira, PhD, now at Government engineering college Palakkad, Path criticality with aging
S.Ramprasath,PhD, now at Qualcom, Bangalore, Statistical timing, Criticality analysis and computation
K.N.Vikram, PhD, now at Intel, Reconfigurable circuits - optimal implementation for data parallel tasks
Sunil Rafeeque, PhD, now at TI Bangalore. Built-in-self test and reconfiguration of current sterring DACs
M.Vijaykumar, M.S, now at INTEL, Bangalore, Statistical timing, Non-Gaussian delay models