Quantum Sensing, Communication and Computing

Quantum Communications encompasses some of the latest technological trends in optical communications, specific to the security of our data in transit. We rely on the quantum properties of single photons to transfer information between two parties over point-to-point links, called Quantum Key Distribution. This is now extendable to topics in Quantum Networks, Secret Sharing, and Quantum Repeaters

Quantum Computers are a whole new pardigm, and will shape the world of information technology in the coming decades. Measurement Based Quantum Computing (MBQC) is an alternative approach to circuit based systems, and are finding favour as we attempt to miniaturize and scale to 100's of qubits.

Coherent Ising Machines are similar to analog computers, and aim to solve specific minimization problems that are common in machine learning.

Quantum Sensing uses quantum devices (such as vacany centres in diamonds) or quantum properties of light (such as entanglement) to improve sensing and imaging modalities.

These efforts fall under the umbrella of the Centre for Quantum Information, Communications and Computing(C-QuICC), which runs an interdisciplinary research program with faculty from Physics, Elec. Engg and Computer Science pitching in.