International​ ​Collaborations​:
The Photonics research group is already a recipient of the European Union Marie Curie funds for supporting international travel. A total of more than 60 secondment months have been supported by this project for the visits of IITM students to Opto electronic research Center in University of Southampton and to Dublin City University. We will continue to compete and seek such funding opportunity in the future as well. The above project has ignited research collaborations in several areas, which are continuing with funds from other resources.
Faculty from different Universities have been co-guiding our students; we would continue to do the same with our strategic partners. Some of the ongoing co-guidance details are :
Co-supervision of students

  • PhD co-supervision: Anubhab Sahoo, Primary institution: IIT Madras, Co-supervision: Dr Rajeev Pattathil, Rutherford Appleton Labs, UK.
  • PhD co-supervision: Hem Kumar, Primary institution: Max Planck Inst. for Nucl. Phys., Co-supervision: Sivarama Krishnan, IIT Madras.
  • PhD co-supervision: Yusuf Panbiharwala, Primary institution: IIT Madras, Co-supervision: Prof Johan Nilsson, ORC, University of Southampton

Collaboration with foreign Universities

Dublin City UniversityUniversity of SouthamptonUniversity of MelbourneEPFL, Switzerland Univ. of Western Australia,Perth
Swinburne UniversityKarlruhe Institute of TechnologyFraunhofer Institute, JenaMPI, StuttgartSt. Andrews
Boston UniversityUniversity of New MexicoDublin Institute of TechnologyCARAT, Lviv, UkraineUniv of Stuttgart
Univ of ExeterUCSDGIST