M.Tech Program

The M.Tech in Photonics caters to the demand of skilled professionals in diverse areas of systems and devices, in areas such as communication, metrology, manufacturing and defense. Photonics is best viewed as an interdisciplinary area and the M.Tech curriculum has sufficient flexibility to allow a student to explore his or her interests. Students are permitted to take electives in Physics, Applied Mechanics, Engineering Design or other departments. Similar programs in some other IITs are:

  • M.Tech. Applied Optics, IIT- Delhi
  • M.Tech. Opto-Electronics and Optical Communication, IIT-Delhi
  • M. Tech. Fibre Optics and Lightwave Engineering, IIT- Kharagpur
  • M.Tech. Laser Technology Program, IIT-Kanpur

The student intake will be B.E./B.Tech/M.Sc who qualify with GATE subjects EE/EC/IN/PH. Please visit the official M.Tech admissions website for more details.