MS-PhD Program

The M.S. by Research program has fewer courses that the M.Tech program, and scholars are expected to spend their time on a specific research problem under the guidance of a faculty member who acts as their Guide. A minimum of five courses are prescribed from the M.Tech curriculum, in consultation with the Graduate Test Committee. The GTC is also the guiding body that monitors the progress of the scholar's research program. The normative time for graduation is 3 years. Students may register under different schemes

  1. Regular (with institute's financial support)
  2. Project (with support from their Guide)
  3. External (employed elsewhere, but resident for 6 months in IITM)
  4. Part-time (teaching in Chennai)

PhD students have typically excelled in their Bachelor's program, completed a Master's program elsewhere, or complete their coursework in IITM and upgrade from MS or M.Tech to the PhD program. Please visit the IITM Research website for more information

Entrance Exam

Following syllabus will be followed in written/oral exams for the admission in MS/PhD program

Topic Syllabus
Field and Wave Electromagnetics Steady electric currents, Vector Analysis
Static electric and magnetic field poissons, Laplace equations, method of images
Time varying fields and Maxwells equations
Plane electromagnetic waves in free space - Reflection & transmission off an interface, Snell's law
Waveguides, transmission lines and antennas
Solid State Electronic Devices & Circuits Holes and electrons
Wave function of an electron, Density of states, Band diagram
Semiconductor Diodes, transistors
Operational Amplifiers (ideal/practical, op-amp circuits) Noise in circuits
Signals and Systems, Signal ProcessingFourier Series, Fourier Transforms
Frequency Response, Sampling Theorem
Causality, stability, linearity and time invariance of filters, FIR vs IIR filters, group delay in filters