Shyam S

I completed my BE ECE in 2015 from Madras Institute of Technology. Worked in Nokia Networks for 1 year. Joined IIT Madras photonics May 2017.

Started my MS by research from July 2017 under the guidance of Dr.Anil Prabhakar. I am doing FPGA related works for the projects in QKD (Quantum Key Distribution).

I have done Aurora protocol implementation on the FPGA board which provides the classical channel for the QKD. Aurora protocol for 1Gbps with duplex transceiver capability.

I have also generated the control signals with 5ps delay adjustment control from the FPGA board for the QKD system.

Worked with Gautam(Ph.D. student) for various QBER(Quantum Bit Error Rate) experiments for different versions of the QKD protocol.

Interested in the Circuit and digital VLSI.

Poster presented at Research Scholar day 2019 IIT Madras. Posted presented at the Singapore conference.