PhD Alumni students_profile

Student Name Email Id Title of Thesis Year of Award
Pankaj Arora Surface Plasmon Resonance based optical sensor
Naveen.K Compound Semiconductor Devices Modeling and Characterization of GaN based electronic devices
Mohanasundaram S V Biosensors and BioMEMS 2014
Shantanu Pal Integrated Optics and nonlinear optics.
Gourab Dutta Compound Semiconductor Devices Design and Fabrication of GaN based transistors
Sujith C Scalable Optical Interconnects on SOI Plastform
Suresh B Compact modeling of SiGe HBTs
Sreenidhi T GaN based HEMT device fabrication and characterization 2014
Vijayakumar.A Diffractive optics
Shon Yadav Compact modeling of non-quasi static effects in SiGe hetero junction bipolar transistors.
Vijaya Kumar Gurugubelli Modeling and simulation of semiconductor nanowire devices
Parimal Sah MMI Coupler integrated with Grating Structure in Silicon Photonics .
Roy Paily Studies on Improved Gate Dielectrics for ULSI MOS Devices 2004
R. J. Daniel Studies on grain boundary passivation techniques suitable for high temperature process of polycrystalline SOI MOSFETs 2006
Bindu B Analytical Modeling Of Current-Voltage And Capacitance-Voltage Characteristics Of Si/Sige Heterostructure P-Channel MOSFETs 2007
Naseer Babu P Electrical and reliability studies of tunnel oxides grown on silicon with ‘Wet nitrous oxide’ process for flash memory applications 2007
Mahaveer Sathaiah 2007
Somaskekara Bhat Electrical measurements for parameter extraction in surface micro machined MEMS 2008
Sujatha.L Study of Silicon/porous silicon composite membranes for pressure Sensors 2008
Binsu J Kailath Study of novel Gate Oxidation Techniques for future mos devices 2008
Jaibir Sharma Fabrication and study of low pull-in voltage structures for RF mems shunt switches 2009
G.S.Jayadeva Analytical Models. - Incorporating quantum Mechanical effects for short N-channel MOSFETS 2009
Renny Edwin Fernandez Micro cantilever Based Biosensors for Detection of TRIGLYCERIDE and UREA 2009