Mask Aligner(Karl Suss MA6_BA6) Tool Image
Mask Aligner (OAI Model 5000) Tool Image
E-beam Lithography
E-beam Lithography Tool Image
Oxidation & Diffusion
SVCS (4 Stack Furnace) Tool Image
Tempress Omega Tool Image
Thin Film Deposition
PECVD Tool Image
LPCVD (Tempress) Tool Image
Dry Etching
ICPRIE – F- Chemistry Tool Image
ICPRIE – Cl- Chemistry Tool Image
Thermal Evaporation - Hydro Pneo Vac Technologies HPVT-305G Tool Image
E-beam Evaporation ( HHV ) - Hind Hi Vac BC-300T Tool Image
E-beam Evaporation - BOC Edwards Auto 306 Tool Image
DC Sputtering - Hind High Vac Tool Image
RF Sputtering - Hind High Vac Tool Image
Ultratech Ultrapol USA Tool Image
Bond Aligner - Karl Suss BA6/MA6 Tool Image
Substrate Bonder - Karl Suss SB6 Tool Image
Wire and Die Bonder TPT HB10 Tool Image
Ultratech USA- Ultraslice Tool Image
Advanced Dicing Technology 7100-Provectvs Tool Image
Probe Station - Cascade Mictrotech Summit 12000AP Tool Image
Probe Station (Thermal) - Cascade Microtech Summit 11000M Tool Image
Probe Station (Vacuum) - Cascade Microtech PLV50 Tool Image
Microsystem Analyser – Vibrometer Polytec MSA-500 Tool Image
Keithley LIV Test Kit
Dual Channel Picometer Keithley 2502,
Source meter Keithley 2440 5A
Auto-tuning TEC Source Meter Keithley 2510-AT
Tool Image
Analysers and Meters Semiconductor Device Analyzers Agilent Technologies B1500A Tool Image
Analysers and Meters LCR meter Agilent Technologies 4285A Tool Image
Ellipsometer Gaertner L2W16SF544 Tool Image
Ellipsometer Woollam Spectroscopic Ellipsometer M-2000VI EC-400 Tool Image
Surface profiler Veeco NT-1100 profiler Tool Image
Surface profiler- Bruker 3D Non-contact Profiler Contour GT Tool Image
Confocal Microscope Olympus LEXT 3D Measuring Laser Microscope OLS4000 Tool Image
Microscope Nikon Eclipse LV-150A Tool Image
Microscope Leitz Tool Image
Microscope Leica Microsystems DM6000M Tool Image
Electron Microscope
Electron Microscope Tool Image