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Year of award

Microelectronics & MEMS Laboratory, Dept. of Electrical Engg., IIT Madras

India Semiconductor
Association (ISA) and VLSI Society of India (VSI)

Technoshield Award for excellence achieved in the semiconductor domain by an institution or
organization in India. This award is a rolling shield and a cash prize. The award was handed over by Dr. R. Chidamabaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Govt. of India.


Prof. S. Karmalkar

Physical Research Laboratory (founded by Vikram Sarabhai)

Hari-Om Ashram Prerit Vikram Sarabhai Award -
National award in electronics, informatics, telematics and automation given once in two years.


Dr. Roy Paily

IBM India Research Lab

Outstanding Ph.D Student for the Year 2004 for his work relating to “Studies on Improved Gate Dielectrics for ULSI MOS Devices” – Certoficate and Cash Prize of Rs. 50,000/-