Research Supervision :

Current Students:

Degree Name Year of Joining Area of Research
M.S Rohan Desai 2020 Machine Learning for Wireless Networks
Ph.D Arun Kumar Reddy 2021 Wireless Networks
Ph.D Uma Sindhu Pamarthi 2022 Wireless Networks
Ph.D Indulekha K P 2022 Wireless Networks

Past Students:

Degree Name Year of Award Thesis Title/Area of research Co-guide
Ph.D Chitralekha Mahanta 2000 Damped Stochastic system driven by colored noise : Analytical and digital simulation studies Prof. M Gopal
M.S M.SaiRam 2003 Design and implementation of Ethernet based total area network Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala
M.S. Venkata Sitaram Avantsa 2011 Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 and 802.11e Wireless Local Area Network Standards Dr.R.Manivasagan
Ph.D R. Chendur Kumaran 2014 Studies on Dynamical Systems Based on Stochastic Delay Differential Equations Prof. K.S.Swarup
M.S. Arun I B 2014 Design and Performance analysis of Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols for Multipacket Reception Nil
Ph.D Hemanth. C 2015 Modeling and Performance of the Hybrid MAC Protocol for Next Generation WLANS - IEEE 802.11ad Nil
Ph.D Bhasker Dappuri 2018 Design & Performance analysis of MAC layer for cognitive radio networks Nil
Ph.D Vijay Bhaskar 2022 Performance analysis of Network-on-Chip using open feed-forward queuing network Nil
M.S. Jasmine Madonna 2016 Performance analysis of Cache memory of SMT multi Core Processor Nil
M.S Senthil Murugan 2016 MAC layer for cognitive radio networks Nil
M.S. Arun George 2016 Design and Analysis of Frame Slotted Aloha based protocols for Machine-to-Machine Data Collection Nil
M.S Anusree Ajith 2017 QoE enhancement schemes for Mobile Data Offloading: Design and Analysis Nil
M.S Bhaswar Majumder 2020 Game Theoretic Approach in Designing MAC protocol Nil
Ph.D Aparna Behara 2023 Performance Analysis of Next Generation WLAN Protocols
Ph.D Navya Vuppalapati 2024 Software Defined Networking
Ph.D Lokesh Bommisetty 2023 Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
Ph.D Ankit Kumar Gupta 2023 Wireless Networks
M.S Shubhang Pandey 2023 Memory Architecture