Details of Research/Consultancy Projects Carried Out :

Title Duration Sponsored by Value Co-investigators Specific Contribution
Multiprocessor for neural computing 3 years DST 23 lacks Prof. L. M. Patnaik ( PI), T. G. Venkatesh, and J. MohanKumar Project involved building a Hypercube based eight node multiprocessor and running neural network algoritms.
Transputer- based neural network simulator 2 Years CDAC 2.5 lakhs Prof. L. M. Patnaik (PI), T. G. Venkatesh, and J. Mohan Kumar  
Modernization of Labs for Computer Technology Programme 3 Years AICTE 10 Lacks Dr. S. Chaudhury ( PI) and T. G. Venkatesh Augumented the computing facilty and enabled many B.Tech/ M.Tech projects
Intel Internet Technology Laboratory 3 Years Intel Inc. Intel has Donated equipments (approx 10 lakhs) Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala ( PI) and T.G, Venkatesh Many multimedia applications based on JMF have been carried out in this lab.
Software development for 68000 microprocessor-based CNC machine 6 months Consultancy project from M/S Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd. Rs. 17,000/- T. G. Venkatesh and J. MohanKumar  
Infrastructure for R & D activities in mobile computing and communication 2 years MHRD Rs. 5 Lacks T.G. Venkatesh The facility allowed us to carry out M.Tech projects in the area of mobile computing.