Continuing education programs organized:


A. List of short-term courses conducted:

1. One-day workshop on “Mobile Computing” in M.S. Ramaiah college of Engineering, 2010.

2. Two –day workshop on “Developing multimedia applications using Java Media framework “, VIT Vellore campus, July 2005.

3. Co-ordinated STTP course on “Developing multimedia applications with the Java Media Framework”, 2003, IIT Madras.

4. Course on “Transputer and occam”, IISc, Bangalore, 1991.

5. Course on “Introduction to microprocessors”, SAIL, Salem (1990).

6. course on “Introduction to microprocessors”, BHEL, Bangalore (1989).

7. Course on “Advanced microprocessor”, IISc, Bangalore (1991) (co -coordinated).


B. Offered Online Course on Digital Circuits to engineering college students through "QEEE program" in Feb 2017, and March 2016.


C. Delivered many lectures in the following Finishing school courses conducted at IIT Madras:

1. "Client Server programming through TCP/IP" in the course conducted by Usha-Martin centre.

2. "DSP architectures" in the course on DSP conducted by ADI-DSP centre.