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Computer Systems Design and Architecture 2e places emphasis on issues related to both architecture as well as organization of the computer. It interrelates three different viewpoints to provide unique understanding of the subject: the perspective of the logic designer, the assembly language programmer and computer architect. The text described both CISC and RISC models at the ISA level using the formal description language of RTN (Register Transfer Notation), allowing for an in-depth appreciation of different machine structures and functions.

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This book teaches you how to develop multimedia applications using the Java Media Framework (JMF).JMF is an API. It is an optional package of Java 2 standard edition platform. It allows your applications to playback media, capture audio through microphone and video through Camera, do real-time streaming of media over the Internet, process media ( change media format, add special effects ), and store media into a file. The book also introduces the new Mobile Media API, which can be used for developing multimedia MIDlets that run on J2ME platforms.

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