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Class D Audio amplifiers-Self study course, Aug.-Dec. 2008

Co-ordinator: Nagendra Krishnapura

Office : ESB246B
Office hours : Tue. & Wed. 1600-1700
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Knowledge of Fourier and Laplace transforms, feedback systems, and CMOS digital gates.

Course contents

This is a self study course. Students are expected to understand the operation of class D amplifiers After this self study, you should

You can learn about all of these by going through the references below.

Simulation demo

At the end of the semester, you should show simulations of a half bridge and bridged three level class D drivers in open loop and closed loop. In all simulations, you have to model the source and drain junction parasitics.

You should show the following simulation results for all 4 configurations above. Information on transistor models and simulators can be found here. The speaker can be modelled as an 8Ω resistor for all simulations. After the design is complete, use the speaker model below and compare the results to those with an 8Ω resistor.

Half bridge class D amplifier

Click here for a pdf figure.

You can similarly derive the bridged three level topology from the references.



All references to IEEE articles are available from IEEE Explore which can be accessed through institute proxy

Class D amplifiers

Speaker Impedance

Taking FFTs and windowing