Integrated Circuits and Systems group, IIT Madras


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 ===== News ===== ===== News =====
-  * Abilash Reddy, Aravindakshan,​ Ganta Satyanarayana,​ Guddanti Sivasai, Jishnu Chatterjee, Karthikeyan,​ Rohit Goel, Rishabh Sharma, Sonam Sadhukan, Subha Sarkar, Udit Kumar, Vinod Ganesan, ​and Yash Shah have joined our group. A warm welcome to all of them! +  * Vaibhav ​and Chakravarti ​have joined our group. A warm welcome to them! 
-  * [[http://​​vlsi/​_detail/​iscas2018papers.png?​id=start|12 papers]] ​ from our group will be presented ​at the 2018 International ​Symposium on Circuits ​and Systems ​to be held in Florence, Italy, ​in May 2018Congratulations to all authors!+  * The paper **A 25-to-38GHz,​ 195dB FoMT LC QVCO in 65nm LP CMOS Using a 4-Port Dual-Mode Resonator for 5G Radios** by Abhishek Bhat and Nagendra Krishnapura is accepted for presentation ​at the 2019 International ​Solid-State ​Circuits ​Conference ​to be held in San Francisco ​in Feb. 2019
 ([[newsarchives|Archive]]) ([[newsarchives|Archive]])