Invited Talks


B. K. Das, "State-of-the-art technology and performance analysis of thermo-optic microheaters for silicon photonics applications ", 4th IEEE-ICEE, Bengaluru, India, 16-19 December 2018 .

B. K. Das, "Thermo-Optic Phase-Shifters for Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit", 14th International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics, IIT Delhi, India, 12-15 December 2018.

B.K. Das, "Design and modeling of thermo-optic phase-shifters for integrated silicon photonics ", OSI-ISO 2018, International Symposium on Optics, IIT Kanpur, 19-22 September 2018.

B.K. Das, "Thermo-Optically Tunable Silicon Photonics Devices", Invited Talk , ICMAP-2018, IIT Dhanbad, 9-11 February 2018.


B.K. Das, "Silicon Photonics Devices with Ultra-Broad Optical Bandwidth", IEEE WRAP-2017, Hyderabad, India, 18-19 December, 2017.

B.K. Das, "Silicon Photonics: Technology and Applications", ICAOP-2017 (41st OSI), Hisar, India, 23-26 November 2017.

Sumi R, P. Sah, and B.K. Das, "Integrated 1D Photonic Crystal Devices with SOI Waveguides", Symposium on Photonic Crystal: 30 Years of Photonic Crystals - the Indian Scenario, IIT Kanpur, 21-23 September 2017 .

B.K. Das, R.K. Gupta, P. Sah, and S. Chandran, "Novel Wavelength Filter Devices in SOI for Optical Interconnect Applications", ICMAT-2017, Suntec Singapore,18-23 June 2017.


B.K. Das, S. Chandran, P. Sah, and R.K. Gupta, "Novel wavelength filter devices in SOI for sensing applications", Invited Talk, 13th International Conference on Fibre Optics and Photonics, IIT Kanpur, India, 4-8 December 2016 .

B.K. Das, "Active Phase-Shifters for Silicon Photonics", Frontier in Light Matter Interaction (FiLMI - 2016), IIT Ropar, March 4-6, 2016.


B.K. Das, "MIMO Platform for Silicon Photonics", 2nd International Conference on Emerging Technologies : Micro to Nano (ETMN 2015), Jaipur, India (24-15 October 2015).


B.K. Das, "Compact Wavelength-Selective Switch Circuit for Integrated Optical Interconnect", Invited talk, 12th International Conference on Fibre Optics and Photonics, Kharagpur, India  (13-16 December 2014).

B.K. Das, "Nanoscale Tolerance for Silicon Optical Interconnect Devices", TU9-IIT Mandi Collaborative Workshop on Emerging Semiconductor Technologies, 26-27 September 2014.

B.K. Das, "Optical Interconnect Devices in SOI Platform - Past, Present and The Future", PAOMP 2014, Bhubaneswar, 26-28 March, 2014.


B.K. Das, "Silicon Photonics: Monolithic Integration of Micron to Sub-micron Waveguide Devices", Focused Discussion Meeting on Metamaterials and Photonics Nanostructures, IIT Kanpur, India, 16 - 17 Aug, 2013.


B.K. Das, S. Chandran and U. Karthik, "Silicon Photonics and Optical interconnect Technology", Invited talk, ICOE - International Conference on Optical Engineering 2012,VTU, Belgaum, India ,26-28 July 2012.

B.K. Das, "Prospect of Silicon Photonics without CMOS Technology", Annual Photonics Workshop, CUSAT, Kochi, India,

27 - 28 Feb, 2012.


B.K. Das, S. Chandran and U. Karthik, "Research Advances in SOI Based Waveguide Sensors", IConTOP - Trends in Optics and Photonics II, Kolkatta, India,7-9 December  2011.

B.K. Das, Sujith C., G.R. Bhatt, U.Karthik and R. Sharma, "Silicon Photonics in SOI Platform: Problems with Waveguide dispersion and Birefringence Effects", FOP 11 - Frontiers in Optics and Photonics, XXXVI OSI Symposium, New Delhi, India, 3-5 December  2011.


B.K. Das, "Advances in Silicon Photonics Research: The World Scenario and IIT Madras,"  ICCCD, Kharagpur, India 10 - 12, December 2010.


B.K. Das, "Integrated Optical Devices for Sensor Applications," Workshop on Applications of Lasers in Sensing and Mesurements, Chennai, India, July 14 - 19, 2008.


B.K. Das and W. Sohler, "Integrated Optical Highly Coherent Light Sources with Photorefractive Gratings, Kharagpur, India, October 11 - 16, 2007.

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 IEEE Journal of  Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Vol. 23, NO. 2, March /April 2017. DOI: 10.1109/JSTQE.2016.2596259



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