Join the Numerical Electromagnetics and Optics (NEMO) group!

To all prospective students & postdocs – please browse through this website to get a sense of the research projects worked on at NEMO.

Currently, there are no open positions

When positions are open, please follow the directions below:

  1. PG students: You may apply to my group through the EE1 or EE5 streams. You must have a sound undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering to clear the test/interview process. Familiarity with scientific programming and electromagnetics is recommended. There are three programs you could apply to:

    1. MS by research program

    2. Direct PhD program (apply after a Bachelors degree)

    3. PhD program (apply after a Masters degree)

  2. UG students (of IIT Madras): Contact me only in case you are looking for a technical/research oriented career, and the areas of my research interest you. It is necessary for you to have taken the Engineering Electromagnetics course (or an equivalent one), and have a good background in linear algebra.

What can you expect?

  • My time

  • A supportive and safe environment inclusive to all genders and backgrounds

  • Rigourous training in Science and its methods

  • Travel to national/international conferences to present your work

Please do not contact me for winter internships