Numerical Electromagnetics and Optics (NEMO) Group

Current group members

Postdoctoral scholars

  • Chandan Chandan Bhat (PhD, IIT Madras, 2023) electromagnetic field imaging and inverse scattering

Graduate students

  • Aggraj Aggraj Gupta (PhD student, July 2018 – ) machine learning for antenna design and computational electromagnetics

  • Aditya Aditya Akella (MS student, July 2021 – )

  • Anant Anant Goyal (PhD student, July 2021 – )

  • Priyanka Priyanka Kumari (PhD student, July 2022 – )

  • Karthik Karthik Bilichod (PhD student, July 2023 – )

Undergraduate students

  • Sai Sanjay Sai Sanjay Narayanan (DD student) discrete optimization algorithms for beamforming

Group mascot


Tara expert in optimization (such as treat/ball finding greedy algorithms!)

Group alumni (and where they went next)

  • Rahul Mondal (Postdoc, Mar 2023 – Feb 2024) electromagnetic metasurfaces for IRS applications.

Graduate students

  • Prajosh K P (PhD, Jan 2018 – July 2023, Thesis: “Compressive Sensing-Based Fault Diagnosis and Mutual Coupling Analysis in Phased Array Antennas”, co-guided with Prof. Francesco Ferranti)

  • Chandan Bhat (MS+PhD, Jan 2016 – June 2023, Thesis: “Electromagnetic Field Prediction using Surface Integral Method and Inverse Imaging”)

  • Yaswanth Kalepu (PhD, Jan 2015 – June 2020, Thesis: “Microwave inverse imaging techniques for reconstructing strong scatterers
    and Enhanced structural strain monitoring in optical fibres”), Assistant Professor at IIITDM Kurnool.

  • Siddhant Gautam (MS, July 2017 – Sept 2020, Thesis: “Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Sliced Regression Inversion Technique”),
    PhD program at Michigan State Univ. Awarded the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) - India,
    best masters thesis award for his MS thesis, presented by the Kerala Chapter of the Society in 2020.

  • Yash Sanghvi (Staff 2019), PhD program at Purdue University.

  • Sakees V C (MTP 2018), SFO Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kochi.

  • Ayushi Jain (MTP 2018), Eaton, Pune.

  • Sayak Bhattacharya (2016), PostDoc at University of Toronto, Faculty at IIIT Delhi.

  • Akashdeep Bansal (MTP 2016), PhD candidate at IIT Delhi.

Undergraduate students

  • Sreekar Sai Ranganathan (2023), PhD program at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Karteek Dhara (DDP 2020), Thesis: “Surface Integral Approaches for prediction of 2D Electromagnetic Fields”,
    PhD program at Caltech.

  • Sriram Gopalakrishnan (BTP 2020), PhD program at University of Waterloo.

  • Rajat Vadiraj Dwaraknath (2020), PhD program at Stanford University.

  • Niharika Gunturu (2020), PhD program at Stanford University.

  • Bhargav Ghanekar (BTP 2018) MS program at Carnegie Mellon University,
    PhD program at Rice University.

  • Dipak Narayan (BTP 2018), MS program at The University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

  • Shreyas Padhy (2017), MS program at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Rahul Trivedi (BTP 2016, Awarded the best BTP, “Bambawale” at IIT Delhi),
    PhD program at Stanford University.

  • Ayush Gupta and Aman Gaurav (BTP 2015), Goldman Sachs and Samsung, Bangalore.

Key: BTP = B.Tech Project, MTP = M.Tech Project, DDP = Dual degree project (equivalent to MTP),
DD = Dual degree (a 5 year program for joint B.Tech + M.Tech degrees)