Uday Khankhoje, IIT Madras

Uday Khankhoje 

Welcome to my website! I am an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Contact information
E-mail: uday[at]ee[dot]iitm.ac.in
Office: Electrical Sciences Block (ESB) - 324

This is also the home for my research group, NEMO, short for Numerical Electromagnetics and Optics. Read more about us by clicking on the menu links to the left.

What do we do?

The work in NEMO is interdisciplinary; while centered in Electrical Engineering, it intersects with Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Machine Learning. Broadly, we work on inverse problems – these are problems where we would like to find out something interesting about an object by studying the electromagnetic fields that are scattered by it. As an example, the object could be the surface of the Earth, the source of electromagnetic waves a satellite orbiting it, and our interest in finding out the amount of moisture in soil. These are challenging problems and to solve them, we require tricks and techniques from various disciplines.