Video lectures from the iCS group @ IIT Madras

EE5310: Analog Electronic Circuits/EE3002 Analog Circuits(Aug.-Nov. 2015)

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Instructor: Nagendra Krishnapura

This is an introductory course on Analog Circuits. Problem sets and other instructions can be found here. Familiarity with basic linear electrical networks is assumed. At IIT Madras, the prerequisite courses are Electrical and Magnetic Circuits and Networks and Systems.


  1. 2015-08-04: Introduction to the course; Need for nonlinearity to achieve amplification.
  2. 2015-08-05: No recording. Links to last year's lecture.
  3. 2015-08-06: Constraints on y-parameters to obtain a high gain; MOS transistor
  4. 2015-08-07: MOS transistor characteristics; small signal model in saturation and triode regions
  5. 2015-08-11: Amplifier using a MOS transistor (audio/writing missing for a portion of this-9:49 to 18:04-which was done on blackboard due to power outage)
  6. 2015-08-12: Adding bias to signal
  7. 2015-08-13: AC coupling at the input and output
  8. 2015-08-14: AC coupling at the input and output; Output conductance of a MOS transistor; Inherent gain limitation
  9. 2015-08-18: Capacitances in a MOS transistor; Common source amplifier with capacitors at input and output
  10. 2015-08-19: Frequency response of a common source amplifier; Effect of Cgd; Miller effect
  11. 2015-08-20: Frequency response of a common source amplifier; Effect of Cgd; Miller effect
  12. 2015-08-21: Sensitivity of gm to transistor parameters with constant VGS and constant ID bias; Biasing a transistor at a given drain current using negative feedback.
  13. 2015-08-25: Drain feedback biasing; Common source amplifier using drain feedback bias.
  14. 2015-08-26: Current mirror; Common source amplifier using a current mirror
  15. 2015-08-27: Source feedback biasing; Common source amplifier using source feedback bias.
  16. 2015-08-28: Other biasing methods; Substituting a resistor for a current source
  17. 2015-09-08: Closed loop behavior of first order system in a feedback loop
  18. 2015-09-09: Closed loop behavior of first and second order systems in a feedback loop
  19. 2015-09-10: Closed loop behavior of second and third order systems in a feedback loop
  20. 2015-09-11: General stability criterion for higher order systems-phase margin
  21. 2015-09-15: Stabilizing a two stage amplifier by moving a pole to a lower frequency
  22. 2015-09-22: Pole splitting(Miller) compensation of two stage amplifiers
  23. 2015-09-23: Dominant pole compensation; Pole splitting; Unity gain compensated opamps
  24. 2015-09-25: Voltage controlled voltage source using a MOS transistor
  25. 2015-09-28: VCVS(Source follower) biasing; Voltage controlled current source
  26. 2015-09-29: VCCS(Source degeneration) biasing; Current controlled current source
  27. 2015-09-30: CCCS(Common gate amplifeir) biasing; Current controlled voltage source
  28. 2015-10-01: Current controlled voltage source; Controlled sources using an opamp
  29. 2015-10-06: Controlled sources using an opamp
  30. 2015-10-07: Swing limits
  31. 2015-10-08: Swing limits cont'd
  32. 2015-10-13: pMOS transistor-large and small signal models
  33. 2015-10-14: pMOS transistor circuits; Converting nMOS circuits into pMOS
  34. 2015-10-16: CS amplifier with an active load
  35. 2015-10-21: CMOS inverter
  36. 2015-10-27: Biasing a CMOS inverter in the high gain region; Differential amplification
  37. 2015-10-28: Differential pair
  38. 2015-10-29: Differential pair with a current mirror load
  39. 2015-11-03: Single stage opamp; Differential and common mode gains
  40. 2015-11-04: Single stage opamp swing limits; Voltage follower; Two stage opamp
  41. 2015-11-05: Two stage opamp; Miller compensation; Biasing of the opamp with negative feedback
  42. 2015-11-06: Two stage opamp; Swing limits; Single supply and dual supply operation of an opamp
  43. 2015-11-10: Bipolar junction transistor; Small and large signal models
  44. 2015-11-12: Effect of base current on biasing and small signal properties of BJT circuits; BJT current mirror; PNP transistor; BJT opamp topology

Problem sets