Optical generation of modulated X-Band RF and beyond for satellite applications

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Name of the Speaker: Ms. Bhooma G (EE17D403)
Guide: Dr. Deepa Venkitesh
Venue: ESB-210B (Conference Hall)
Date/Time: 19th September 2023 (Tuesday), 3:00 PM

With the exponential increase in data traffic, driven across several end user applications, the demand for ultra broad bandwidth data transmission is increasing rapidly for satellite and next generation mobile communication. Consequently, most global satellite manufacturers and operators are focused to increasingly utilize the higher bandwidth capabilities of Ku (12 - 18 GHz) and Ka (26.5-40 GHz) frequency bands. Optical generation of RF signals using photonic techniques offer benefits of frequency agility, ease of scaling to higher frequencies and reduction in hardware complexity. We discuss the generation of QPSK modulated data in the X-Band by optical heterodyning of two optically phase locked lasers, one of which is modulated with the data. We demonstrate the generation and detection of QPSK modulated data from 0.5-5 GBaud at carrier frequencies of 8-12 GHz. Demodulation of the received data is carried out through appropriate post processing using DSP algorithms. The approach is scalable to mm-wave frequencies and beyond.